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Artist Info:  9Lies
  &nbsp;______________________________________________ <br>June 2009 will be an exciting watershed for 9Lies. Its the month when almost all we have worked towards as a band and fans collectively will come to fruition with our first BIG budget UK and Ireland release. WooHOO! (you heard it here first!) <br> <br>Since the release in 2006 to critical acclaim of the 'Behind It All' album, its been a rollercoaster ride, with 'Blind' being snapped up by Warner TV, and the title track 'Behind it All' finding home as the theme tune to 'Our Prisoner' in the USA. <br> <br>In 07 the Song 'Slippin Away' was downloaded more than 43,000 times and chosen by ASCAP for excellence in song writing at Music Expo 07 in L.A. <br> <br>And this year has been our biggest and best to date, seeing us travel to Poland to play the Vena Music Festival in ¬£??d?? to thousands of screaming fans alongside the Sugababes and Fun Lov'in Criminals. Being invited to play FMI 08 in Brazil, licensing 'We R1' to Techno Sweat for use on their exercise Music CD's, 18000 people joined us on our 2 International Myspace sites, gathered over 900 groupies since joining Bebo, with fans placing our songs on over 1500 of their play lists! And to top it all off, the release of the first video game ever to use our music 'Trucker 2' is imminent! Oh Yeah! <br> <br>Download sales on digital sites such as iTunes and Rhapsody have remained strong, as have Material Worldwide CD sales from our Online Music Store, and all of this is down to you! So Thank you!! <br> <br>To be kept upto date with all the exciting happenings taking place in 09, please join the team on the 9Lies Mailing list and receive free members offers! Everyones welcome. <br> <br>Visit www.9Lies.net for Free Music Downloads and Information. <br>&nbsp;______________________________________________

9Lies - At the Vena Music Festival Lodz Poland 07 - 9 Lies
9Lies played the Vena Music Festival in Poland on the 20th September 2007. Vena is an annual 5 day event which takes place in the city of Lodz <br>
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9Lies - The Home of Irish Rock Band 9 Lies
Official site of Irish rock group 9Lies. Includes latest band news, downloads, Forum, free streaming audio, video clips, live performances

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