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Artist Info:  The Cow Exchange
  A silly, fearful, experimental mess.

Dillfrog Noise (old site)
Huge concentration of wasted bits. FLAC, Vorbis and MP3 encodings. This connection is a bit slow. I'm working on moving it over to a new site, but that's taking a while.
CowEx Album-A-Day With Thingies For Fun
I had 1 week to write/record/produce a 35-minute album of music. The Songfight community agreed on a handful of rules, and suggested two handfuls of optional challenges (a.k.a. "Thingies"); I tried to do as many as I can. In addition to all of this, I used the "Yahoo! Answers" Web site as inspiration for each song. Throughout this album, you'll find me answering (and asking) questions through song.

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Play/Pause MP3 Brownie Points The Cow Exchange 8.89
Play/Pause MP3 See Attached Appendix The Cow Exchange 5.56
Play/Pause MP3 how do i become clsoe to others? The Cow Exchange 8.82
Play/Pause MP3 Baninjananjophone of Love The Cow Exchange 7.37
Play/Pause MP3 Panda Power The Cow Exchange 6.33

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