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Info about SomeSongs:
somesongs is a directory of online music. artists post links to mp3s of their music (hosted externally) for users to listen to. users can then rate and comment about the songs they listen to, making it easier for other users to find music that they would enjoy.

somesongs was originally created by Jefff in 2002. somesongs has been rewritten from scratch by Lunkhead, preserving the original look and feel and functionality, and adding some new functionality (built-in mp3 player, playlists, fewer page reloads when rating and commenting on songs, etc.).

If someone has linked to a file on your webspace without your permission, please contact the administrator, and the link will be removed immediately.

Everyone is welcome to vote on and rate music or submit music or post on the message boards, you will need to register. to submit music, first register and then create an artist identity to associate with your user identity. you can create as many artists as you like, and they all can be attached to the same user account.

Edit My Song:
you can edit the songs you've posted by going to the song info page for that song. if you're logged in, a red "edit" button will appear in the titlebar for the song. this will take you to a form where you can edit or delete your song.

each user has a favorite songs list and a favorite artists list. you can add and remove artists and songs on their info pages. then you can easily access the info pages for your favorites through the my info page. also, when other users view your user info page, they can see which songs and artists are your favorites, and that information will help them decide which songs to listen to.

HTTP Status 404 -
If you see this it means I'm updating the site. Since this is just a pet project, at least for the moment, you're liable to see it at pretty much any time. It should only last for about 1 minute, though. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Some songs won't play
This may happen for several reasons:

  • The link is broken. Try clicking the "MP3" link next to the play/pause icon to see if you get a 404 or other error. If the link is broken please submit a broken link report for the song.

  • The Flash MP3 player only supports mp3 audio files, and doesn't play all types of mp3 files properly (there may be issues depending on bit rate, sample rate, etc.).

  • The Web site hosting the mp3 does not allow direct access to the mp3 file and is redirecting the request for the file to a Web page.

Bandcamp Disclaimer:
The term 'Bandcamp' is a trademark of Bandcamp, Inc. This application uses the Bandcamp API but is not endorsed or certified by Bandcamp, Inc.
Help! I have an account, but I don't remember my password, and the email address of the account is one that I can't check anymore!
Please contact the admin and provide your old account name, your new email address, and a new password. Your account will be updated manually and you'll be contacted by the admin.
SoundCloud Support!

You can connect your SoundCloud account to your SomeSongs account and then import tracks from SoundCloud. Either click on "My Info" or "Post Song" and click the "Connect to SoundCloud" link or button, then grant SomeSongs access to your SomeSongs account. Then when you post a song you'll see a SoundCloud icon you can click on to fetch a list of your SoundCloud tracks to choose from to import into SomeSongs!

User comments/questions/answers:
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