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First Time Info about SomeSongs:
Welcome to SomeSongs!
This is a community-based site for sharing homemade music. It works pretty simply: a person makes a song and posts the mp3 on his/her website and then posts the link here. Then the users of SomeSongs rate the song (good, okay, or bad) so that other users will have an easier time of finding songs they'll enjoy.
Everyone is welcome to vote on music and to submit music. Just register a user account to vote, and if you want to submit music, click on "Post Song" after you've logged in (this will prompt you to create an artist).
If you're going to submit music, be prepared to receive criticism. Most of the time people here try to be constructive and polite, but occasionally someone will say something that's neither. Please try to respond to rudeness with grace. Giving and taking criticism can sometimes be a painful process, and we can all make it easier by staying calm. Thanks.
By the way, the owner/programmer/administrator here is Lunkhead.
If you would like to help administer the site, please contact the admin.
If you would like to help contribute to the code of the site, please click here to download the source code (actually, for now you'll need to contact the admin).
If you have any problems or questions, please contact the administrator via the link at the bottom of the page.
Thanks, and enjoy SomeSongs.