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Playlist Info:  'My Favorite of My Nur Ein Entries ' by Lunkhead
Avg. Rating: This playlist needs [ 2 ] more ratings.
# of Ratings: 3
Updated: 2012-04-08 21:49:05
These are songs I helped make for the annual Song Fight! offshoot, "Nur Ein". Nur Ein is a brutal eight week elimination tournament inspired by Song Fight! Contestants are given a song title to use, like in Song Fight!, and a limited period of time to write and record a song for the title. In Nur Ein, contestants generally have even less time to work on their songs (lately it's been just five days!), and they also have a mandatory musical challenge to fulfill (e.g. a capella, through composed, use aliteration, no guitar, etc.). A panel of judges rank the songs each round and those ranked lowest are eliminated, until finally two contestants battle head to head to determine who will be ... NUR EIN!

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