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User Info:  Ceriel
Website:  http://
Registered:  2004-08-10
Location:  Amersfoort
A Good Band:  Michael Jackson
A Good Album:  Dangerous
A Good Song:  In The Closet
A Good Book:  Harry Potter Serie
A Good Movie:  The Sixth Sense
A Good Website:  Pieterenceriel.com

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Build by Tuuur
Very cool lyrics, especially because of the info written in the comments. Cool and catchy song!
[ 0 replies ] --- Ceriel 2007-05-12 13:24
how do i become clsoe to others? by The Cow Exchange
I'm not from the US, and never heard of the word close with the two letters turned around. Is that a common 'joke' in the US? Sounds very funny: 'Culsoi'. :D Loved the energy in this song, great work!
[ 0 replies ] --- Ceriel 2007-03-23 11:25
De eenzaat onderweg by pittaman
Never heard of the word 'eenzaat', but I see you're from Belgium where the word is quite more common I guess. (I'm from The Netherlands).

I liked the music. Gives me some sort of desolate feeling.
[ 0 replies ] --- Ceriel 2007-02-25 18:40
The Sun Loves The Moon by Boltoph
I really liked this at well. It gave me some inspiration for another track. Reminded me also a bit of Sting though which is a great compliment in my opinion. Great track!
[ 0 replies ] --- Ceriel 2007-01-27 22:09
Road To Nowhere by Check Point Charlie
Especially the guitar-part I liked a lot. Not so stiff at all. Nice one here!
[ 0 replies ] --- Ceriel 2007-01-27 22:04
Sailing (Christopher Cross Cover) by Christopher Case
This is wonderful! I always loved this song very much. You covered it in a wonderful way! Even the rhytmic change on the instrumental part is cool in my opinion! I think it was even more beautiful with a piano playing the melody (as in the original). How delicious to listen to this! Saved it onto my HD. Very [good].
[ 0 replies ] --- Ceriel 2006-10-20 17:48
you think you're so clever by c.layne
Really great song! Very cool; the part when the vocal melody comes in again at the end, after a long instrumental part. Very well done!
[ 0 replies ] --- Ceriel 2006-08-23 11:24
Cinco de Mayo by Boltoph
Sounds really good. Quite easy-listening, and making an easy-listening song is so difficult to do. It all seems to fit. I really enjoyed listening to it. Funny extra is that my PC was kinda slow because of unpacking a large file and I clicked on it a lot earlier than the song came in. In the time the song was loading I was busy with a filesharing program till this track came finally out of my speakers. I thought: 'Wow, this sounds really good. Did I downloaded this recentely?' Till I found out it was Cinco de Mayo playing right here. :) [good]!
[ 0 replies ] --- Ceriel 2006-05-05 15:33
a last attempt by drunkenshakespeare
Really like the lyrics, specially the "He uses his name to score" and the last part, also because of who you brought this vocally in the song. But also like the music. I expected some triple death metal after reading the subscription, but it's all but that. [good]!
[ 1 reply ] --- Ceriel 2005-09-17 15:06
daily paper by johnsonic
Musically really lovely. Great solid quality. Only the vocals should be a bit more on the foreground in my opinion. I like the synth in the end. [good]
[ 1 reply ] --- Ceriel 2005-09-08 13:02