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User Info:  tommy more
Website:  http://
Registered:  2005-05-20
Location:  frederick
A Good Band:  the holy modal rounders
A Good Album:  life begins at 40 million -bogmen
A Good Song:  i only have eyes for you
A Good Book:  xenocide
A Good Movie:  miller's crossing
A Good Website:  achewood

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I Want to Be by Roger, Roll
this is a very sweet sounding song. i like the bells or xylophone or whatever that is. these lyrics are exceptionally cheesy.
[ 0 replies ] --- tommy more 2008-11-08 15:49
This Shit's Gonna Catch Up With You by Flvxxvm Florvm
i like this song and i like the idea for it. the guitar sounds good. the vocal doesn't really sound cool like that though. i appreciate wierd for the sake of wierd but the forced scratchiness was distracting.
[ 0 replies ] --- tommy more 2008-11-08 15:38
Rise Chicken by Glenn Case
the production was sweet. i like how it opened and i like that main guitar part in general-though i kind of wanted it to build or lead somewhere. the lead guitar didn't do it for me, it wasn't melodic and it wasn't impressive as a solo either. [good]
[ 0 replies ] --- tommy more 2008-11-08 15:32
King Me by sativa indica
music for a scary level in a video game
[ 0 replies ] --- tommy more 2008-01-24 19:49
Got Your Number by Heuristics Inc.
i'd rather someone read the dictionary to me.
[ 0 replies ] --- tommy more 2008-01-24 19:47
Don't tell me by The Noble Spirits
dime-a-dozen (and boring) riff . performed well. okay.
[ 0 replies ] --- tommy more 2008-01-24 19:42
Pink Ribbon by Starfinger
fine young cannibals, where are they now?
this is awesome.
[ 0 replies ] --- tommy more 2008-01-24 19:35
Y.M.C.A (Village People cover) by Caravan Ray
i wish i had that kinda spare time.
i'm thinking "electric slide" next. well done.
[ 0 replies ] --- tommy more 2008-01-24 19:31
Wild Wild Life (Talking Heads cover) by Flvxxvm Florvm
never heard the original
guitars sound good

[ 0 replies ] --- tommy more 2008-01-24 19:26
Methamphetamin by Eftos
this evokes nothing in me. it's like really slow musical wanking- nobody wins.
[ 0 replies ] --- tommy more 2008-01-24 19:20