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User Info:  sharp
Website:  sharph.net
Registered:  2003-02-02
Location:  chester springs, pa
A Good Band:  dj shadow
A Good Album:  daft punk - discovery
A Good Song:  mc frontalot - nerdcore hiphop
A Good Book:  1984 - orwell
A Good Movie:  matrix
A Good Website:  slashdot

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Do It for Captain Kangaroo by Raised by Wolves
wow. this is good, nice synths.
[ 0 replies ] --- sharp 2003-02-03 18:57
mistakes by donkey t
yeah, id say its pretty calm.

[ 0 replies ] --- sharp 2003-02-03 18:56
Unapproachable Crystal Cardboard by Brumbek
this would have been a good song if you had a thumping club beat for the drums. (bad)
[ 0 replies ] --- sharp 2003-02-02 22:13