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User Info:  blue
Website:  sonofsupercar!
Registered:  2003-03-14
Location:  mountain view, ca
A Good Band:  add music :D
A Good Album:  jawbox - novelty
A Good Song:  birds of our own!
A Good Book:  all h miller
A Good Movie:  dunno
A Good Website:  www.songfight.org

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Devil's Daughter by Project-D
all your other songs have a 5. this has a six. progress?
[ 1 reply ] --- blue 2008-02-14 05:17
They (don't) control the Weather by Dynamic Rhythm Device
so hoist up the john b sails!
see how the main sail sets!

[ 1 reply ] --- blue 2008-02-14 05:16
The Thing Most Easily Forgotten by Merisan
woooooow, nice job guys.
[ 0 replies ] --- blue 2008-02-14 05:14
Bad Cat by Sockpuppet
unbelievable rhymes. :D
[ 0 replies ] --- blue 2008-02-14 05:13
Don't Think by <3
i hope my legs don't break
walking on the moon.
[ 0 replies ] --- blue 2008-02-14 05:12
Fight For Your Right (To Party) (vox version) by Tuuur
haH! i can reinstate my year's old policy of refusing to rate covers. SUCK IT.
[ 1 reply ] --- blue 2008-02-14 05:11
Rebecca by Crackground
i thought that first chord was going to go somewhere, but this fell apart quickly.
[ 0 replies ] --- blue 2008-02-14 05:10
Ragfish Blues by Lord of Oats
are you joining FAWM's worldwide crusade against audible music?
[ 0 replies ] --- blue 2008-02-14 05:08
Sacred Teenager by Pumpkin Buzzard
i dont see any reason not to crank the hell out of the vocals, people. i got confused and disinterested at the 4 minute mark :D
[ 0 replies ] --- blue 2008-02-14 05:06
The Canteen by Cynthia Size and the @eclectic spOOns
never been much of a spoons fan, sorry.
[ 0 replies ] --- blue 2008-02-14 05:04