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User Info:  HeuristicsInc
Website:  Heuristics Inc.
Registered:  2003-11-05
Location:  Baltimore
A Good Band:  The Jazz Butcher
A Good Album:  Sumosonic - This is Sumo
A Good Song:  Massive Attack - Angel
A Good Book:  Douglas Adams - Hitchhiker's
A Good Movie:  The Princess Bride
A Good Website:  Tapegerm

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Spacesick by c.layne
I love this whole album. However, this song isn't one of my favorites on it, although by the time the instrumental section comes in around 2:15 i'm digging it. I think the vocal melody isn't as memorable as many of the other songs, although the music is quite good. Yeah, I think it's the vocals. Still, a less-good song from Shark Week still rates a [good] from me.
[ 1 reply ] --- HeuristicsInc 2008-02-29 18:15
King Me by sativa indica
Man, I love that opening. I feel like it would be interesting to hear the part you left out. Good vox, but I think they should be more clear in the mix. Less vox distortion, I think. Cool in general, though.
[ 0 replies ] --- HeuristicsInc 2008-01-25 16:19
Badlands Evaporation by Pumpkin Buzzard
I really like the part around 5:00 with the vox, bass, odd drums, and especially, especially the vocal stabs. I feel like some other parts don't hold together as well and get kind of wandery.
[ 0 replies ] --- HeuristicsInc 2008-01-25 16:12
The Blue Signal (Octothorpe Cover) by @eclectic spOOns
Wow, the synths and stuff remind me of some of the 80's electronic soundtrack guys. You know, Faltermeyer and whatnot. That's cool. Interesting to hear your actual voice. It's challenging to sing # songs, isn't it? Some parts could definitely benefit from better rhythm on the vox. In general, though, I like it a lot.
[ 0 replies ] --- HeuristicsInc 2008-01-25 15:53
toothbrush by c.layne
This is upbeat for you, eh? Some vocal parts sound a little weird in timing, like the faster words right before you go into the chorus. The poppy part ends about when it should, and then some nice 'experimental' section, good work.
[ 0 replies ] --- HeuristicsInc 2008-01-25 15:40
Rate of Decay (Jolly Roger cover) by Starfinger
Love the birdsongs. I like the vocals, especially on the chorus. The spoken word part makes me think of Faith No More... that's cool. Piano part is great, and what an awesome solo, I love the sound of it. Solo's too short though :)
[ 0 replies ] --- HeuristicsInc 2008-01-25 14:53
Twenty-One by roymond
I was randomly thinking of this song the other day and here it is on somesongs. I like this, the lyrics really set up a great mood. The story really stuck with me after these years. Should have done this at SFP! Excellent rhythm guitar, great solo, the vox are really great over the picked guitar. I love this song.
[ 1 reply ] --- HeuristicsInc 2008-01-24 14:30
Let's Get Naked (15-16 Tribute) by Starfinger
Good organ. This doesn't have as much personality as your other covers. The squiggly sound is way cool. Oh, nice trumpet there.
[ 0 replies ] --- HeuristicsInc 2008-01-24 14:20
Ride Like the Wind by Starfinger
Love the rhythm on this. Fun vocal. Definitely more interesting than the original.
[ 0 replies ] --- HeuristicsInc 2008-01-24 14:16
Please Don't Call Me Ken (Starfinger cover) by Flvxxvm Florvm
The "I like..." part is surprisingly heavy in the vox. Wow, I didn't expect that. Some bits of vox seem a bit hurried... congrats on really changing the song from the original version, definitely creative. I do think it needs to end more definitively instead of that quick fade-out, though.
[ 0 replies ] --- HeuristicsInc 2008-01-24 00:38