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User Info:  Rafael
Website:  Crazy Chipmunk Games
Registered:  2002-04-03
Location:  Mainz, wie es singt und lacht
A Good Band:  The Rheostatics
A Good Album:  Torch -- Blauer Samt
A Good Song:  RxW -- Black Hole
A Good Book:  Kim Stanely Robinson -- {Red,Green,Blue} Mars
A Good Movie:  On the Waterfront
A Good Website:  Absurd Notions (online comic)

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Coming Dear by frankie big face
Who am I to argue with Yook?
[ 0 replies ] --- Rafael 2008-07-24 07:52
Glutton by frankie big face
Wow. The ending doesn't blow me away, be everything else does, especially around 1:55.
[ 0 replies ] --- Rafael 2008-07-24 07:44
Let Me In by frankie big face
Love the harmonica and the mood. Now I am angry that I missed the Magnetic Fields when they toured Germany. Maybe FBF will tour Germany again someday.
[ 0 replies ] --- Rafael 2008-07-24 06:12
Brownie Points by frankie big face
This is lots of fun. I'm glad I checked back on somesongs, so I could expand my FBF catalogue. Isn't the beginning of this melody is the same as "Do it for Captain"? I AM WATCHING YOU FRANKIE
[ 0 replies ] --- Rafael 2008-07-24 06:04
GO GO GO by frankie big face
Charming, although I'm not too happy with the asides ("philosophical", etc.)
[ 0 replies ] --- Rafael 2008-07-24 05:29
The Thing Most Easily Forgotten by frankie big face
Nice, but didn't you already use the "from ripe to rotten" line somewhere? Tracks for Future Practice, I think. Or is The Thing Most Easily Forgotten perhaps the Track for Future Practice?
[ 1 reply ] --- Rafael 2008-07-24 05:27
Heart of a Lion by frankie big face
This is really well executed, but I can't overcome my genre bias so far.
[ 0 replies ] --- Rafael 2008-07-22 15:23
You by 15-16 puzzle
toe tappin'.
[ 0 replies ] --- Rafael 2008-07-22 06:25
Sticky by Add
Didn't like the first line at all -- neither the actual text, nor the delivery ("right..........BACK!"). The rest was cool, though.
[ 0 replies ] --- Rafael 2008-07-22 05:59
Chinese Demography by Add
I wondered whether it was worth having a look at somesongs again. Thanks, Add -- it was!
[ 0 replies ] --- Rafael 2008-07-18 07:48