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User Info:  johnny cashpoint
Website:  Johnny Cashpoint's Website
Registered:  2003-11-18
Location:  London, Engerrrrllland
A Good Band:  Buzzcocks
A Good Album:  100% Fun by Matthew Sweet
A Good Song:  Sugar Sugar by the Archies
A Good Book:  Black House by King/Straub
A Good Movie:  X-Men 2
A Good Website:  Portal of Evil

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Unnatural Disaster (Edit) by frankie big face
Good straight-ahead punk song, as you say. would have liked a little lead behind the chorus - because it's a real hook you've got there and I feel like you're underselling it a tad. Disagree with DS vocals as they are (but with a little less echo/verb/whatvever) because actually the lyric (not 'lyrics', remember?) is ... well, a little dumb! Also it's pronounced bolon-ya, surely? Or is that another trans-atlantic thing?[good]

[ 1 reply ] --- johnny cashpoint 2008-05-23 11:55
you wish you by Dead-End Agenda
Hmmm too long for an isntrumental, especially as it sounds like it's recorded at the rehearsal. The guitar playing is good (though I think you need better amp or mic - something is making the lead sound rougher and klutzier than i think it actually is. I like the dynamic and the song does evolve but without a vocal or another instrument it feels a little indulgent. maybe if i was off my tits on drugs I would feel differently! [ok]
[ 0 replies ] --- johnny cashpoint 2008-04-21 10:36
Judgement Of Error by Cock
Hmmm i like this song but the guitar is too loud and the cool keys / drums too quiet - makes the mix sound lop-sided and the song harder to listen to. Good voice! The drum programming in the chorus seems to fall apart a little bit (or there's some timing issue in there) - still good melody / mood so i am handing out a [good] but be aware I'm probably being a tad generous :)

[ 1 reply ] --- johnny cashpoint 2008-04-21 09:10
In the Between by Roger, Roll
Nothing much to add - like the dreamy quality though it's not really my bag. Did you over noise reduce that vocal sample at the beginning - the chafing flangeyness of it rather hurts the mood you're going for, though the idea is good. Must admit, still don't particularly like your singing voice (it's fine just a bit generic) but other than that, it would be churlish not to give this a [good]
[ 0 replies ] --- johnny cashpoint 2008-04-08 11:50
Contrast by Drew Styles and the Blue Velvet Band
Starts nice and C86 - ey, or maybe REM-ey. Something-ey anyway. A little flat in the mix (not the vocals especially although i am not sure the lead voice should be thicker for the music, or further back in the mix and maybe the BVs are slightly flat? I dunno) it just ambles along plesantly without ever really gripping me. [ok] Yeah, I think it's the mix - vocals a little too far front, the music all meshes together without any real lead to follow. Maybe the drums could come up a little, or be more driving, then it might sound like the Mock Turtles ... [ok]
[ 0 replies ] --- johnny cashpoint 2008-04-08 11:45
Political Song (With Deep Meaning) by Gasoline Dion
'tis OK. I like my punk but this feels a little long for what it offers. I don't have any great suggestions for how to improve it, it probably doesn't need changing, it just is what it is, and to me, it's an [ok]
[ 0 replies ] --- johnny cashpoint 2008-04-08 11:43
Rodent Accident by Pumpkin Buzzard
Trying too hard. I actually really like the vocals in the verses but all the bells and whistles (and the pointless chorus) just serve to hide the fact that there's not much song / experimentation / new here. Pumpkin Buzzard sell out? Though I usually accuse of that and totally slaughter your more experimental stuff, so I wouldn't pay me any heed.
[ 1 reply ] --- johnny cashpoint 2008-04-08 11:00
violin 5 by fx10243
I was quite enjoying this, but about 1 min 20 I started thinking 'when it's going to get going?' then 10 seconds when i realised it wasn't, I started skipping. I think it needs something mroe than the arpeggio keys in the bass end - maybe a conermelody bass line just to anchor the song and give it some ... oomph ... otherwise it warbles past very pleasantly (tho' the string patch is a little bit overly dramatic for the mood that comes across maybe) and I accordingly I award an [ok]
[ 0 replies ] --- johnny cashpoint 2008-04-08 10:52
Cold Starter by Accessory Twelve
I don't like the dragging out of words very much. It should either be faster (bpm wise) or rephrased so it doesn't make it sound like you're, well, a 'special child' :) That siad, nice tone, maybe vox a little too loud, and you just about get away with the four note structure throughout the song in terms of interest maintaining. Also the short length helps! yeah, so gothic, slightly Eldritch-y, 'tis ok.
[ 0 replies ] --- johnny cashpoint 2008-04-08 10:47
Walk Like An Egyptian [Cover] by Cock
You mis-spelt Egyptian in your ID3 tags.

I like your voice. This is cute, entertaining, but no great desire to hear it again, so a high [ok] rather than a low [good] - your arrangement here intrigues me, and though this doesn't anything to an already classic cheezy song, but it does make me want to hear some newer stuff.
[ 1 reply ] --- johnny cashpoint 2008-04-08 10:45