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User Info:  fodroy
Website:  his name is dan
Registered:  2003-11-24
Location:  Muncie
A Good Band:  Silver Jews
A Good Album:  The Natural Bridge
A Good Song:  Random Rules
A Good Book:  Cosmicomics
A Good Movie:  Man Bites Dog
A Good Website:  http://www.writefight.org/

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make it right by melee beats
It sounds more like a former Backstreet Boy trying to replicate that 80s sound, hoping to god that he can find half the success of Justin Timberlake. It'd be interesting to hear it in a different style, with different lyrics. Yeah, the lyrics suck.
[ 1 reply ] --- fodroy 2006-08-21 21:47
Hold On by roymond
It's plenty weird, but weirdness doesn't really help it. It just feels sort of like the nerdy kid getting on stage and trying to rock. I kind of liked the "please forgive me..." bit, but, other than that, the song just lacks the energy and confidence that it needs. [ok]
[ 0 replies ] --- fodroy 2006-08-21 21:43
Coming Dear by frankie big face
Way too adult comtemporary. [ok]
[ 0 replies ] --- fodroy 2006-08-21 21:38
Quickest Thumbs in Town (His Name is Dan cover) by c.layne
Better than the original. [Good]
[ 0 replies ] --- fodroy 2006-08-16 13:41
water is bad by c.layne
That's an incredibly catchy guitar riff. For some reason it reminds me of something Jack White write. Damn, this is more abrasive than your other stuff. I give it a vote for [good].
[ 0 replies ] --- fodroy 2006-08-07 14:05
Somewhere Between The Rug & Stars by Carpetburn
I prefer Carpetburn to any other band of their genre (though, I'm not sure what genre that is). This is a really cool song.

*edit* The ending is awesome. The drum's are really cool there.
[ 0 replies ] --- fodroy 2006-08-06 04:18
Dance Floor by Sex Piano
Awesome concept and well done.
[ 0 replies ] --- fodroy 2006-07-22 18:08
Digital Smile by Pumpkin Buzzard
Wow. This is very accessible for a Pumpkin Buzzard song, but still with that off-kilter experimentation that you guys are good for.
[ 0 replies ] --- fodroy 2006-07-22 18:05
how do i become clsoe to others? by The Cow Exchange
I'm really enjoying these singing answerman songs. [good].
[ 0 replies ] --- fodroy 2006-07-22 18:04
Pimples by MC Paul Denyer
this has some pretty brilliant spots in the lyrics. the track is also catchier than usual. good.
[ 0 replies ] --- fodroy 2006-06-25 03:07