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User Info:  indieontheinside
Website:  http://
Registered:  2004-04-10
Location:  somewhere
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Tami's Father Tide by Azwel
i agree with markhuebel. [great]
[ 0 replies ] --- indieontheinside 2005-07-04 17:14
Mister Mood by Future Boy
i thought this was pretty the first time i listened to it...because i wasn't paying attention to the lyrics.

the second time i listened, i still thought it was great, so it's staying in my favorite songs list.
[ 0 replies ] --- indieontheinside 2005-06-08 22:03
He Never Knew What Hit Him by Azwel
i like this.

then again, i like all Azwel songs.

[ 0 replies ] --- indieontheinside 2005-04-25 13:56
Magic Lunch by Glenn Case
i love this song...it sounds like the songs i used to make up when i was a kid...[good]
[ 0 replies ] --- indieontheinside 2005-04-23 22:08
Skrated by Music Player 01
and now it's on my favorites list...in america!
[ 0 replies ] --- indieontheinside 2005-04-21 20:26
Completely by Azwel

(i gave it an [okay], even though i usually give Azwel songs a [good])
[ 0 replies ] --- indieontheinside 2005-04-18 23:16
Oh Mandy by The Spinto Band
ah! what happened! its only a 30 second sample now!

okay this is going off of my favorite songs list.
[ 1 reply ] --- indieontheinside 2005-03-22 15:14
vesuvius! by not without your daughter
overlooking the fact that you pretty much stole the tune from the Belle & Sebastian song "A Century of Fakers" (also "A Century of Elvis")...this song gets a [good] from me.

the "bah da bah" part makes it easy to sing along with.
[ 1 reply ] --- indieontheinside 2005-03-16 13:18
Four Green Fields by The Sober Irishman
i usually don't like your songs...

but this one is alright. i give it a [good]
[ 0 replies ] --- indieontheinside 2005-03-15 12:46
I have returned from a long absence and completed this composition which is good and you may enjoy, Love, Jet Jet. P.S. I love you. by JetJet
i'm tempted to give you a [good] based on the title alone.

With a different title, i would give this a [bad].

So that averages out to an [okay]
[ 0 replies ] --- indieontheinside 2005-03-15 12:37