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Song Info:  'Accelerator (Insects Ahead cover)' by roymond    
Avg. Rating: 6.73
# of Ratings: 26
Posted: 2003-10-06 10:30:59
My bad for covering Insects instead of Brody. I'll fix that, but for now, here's my coverfight entry based on great original that was tough to re-do.

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[ 0 replies ] --- jack 2003-10-06 10:41
As the other half of Insects Ahead, I must say I think you did a great job of reimagining the song. Nice work!
[ 0 replies ] --- Glenn 2003-10-06 14:20
Cool, but drags at the end.
[ 0 replies ] --- Rafael 2003-10-07 00:36
rocks. reminds me of styx.
[ 0 replies ] --- astro 2003-10-08 21:52
this is so good that i disobeyed my own 'don't vote on covers' rule.
[ 1 reply ] --- blue 2003-10-09 15:28
you need a major lead guitarist to shred things up...
[ 2 replies ] --- Dickey 2004-02-12 08:01
i have some minor complaints about the singing, but the arrangement is spectacular. i don't know the original, so i can't compare them, but this is nice (and way underrated).
[ 0 replies ] --- frankie 2004-09-12 10:52
i'm all smiles.(good)

note.. just revisited this and it @#$%#(*&$#$((#(@($*((@ ROCKS.
[ 1 reply ] --- drunkenshakespeare 2005-12-17 11:24
a great song to begin with, and this is a more fully-realized, more complete-sounding version of it. great.
[ 0 replies ] --- Eric Y. 2006-04-11 13:45
5 minutes? Sounds very well, now to find the original somewhere. Good.
[ 0 replies ] --- Tuuur 2008-01-22 16:48

good okay bad x

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