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Song Info:  'Baby, Be Quiet' by Sockpuppet    
Avg. Rating: 5.56
# of Ratings: 9
Posted: 2008-01-27 02:06:14
The winning Song Fight song for this title. I don't know why either.

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Backing track is alright, except for the part when they get _really_ loud and distorted.
Vocals are weak, I think. OK.
[ 0 replies ] --- Tuuur 2008-01-28 08:53
i think this is really good.. this vocal style/sound works better for you than some others. how much of this is canned loops?
[ 4 replies ] --- craig 2008-01-28 10:32
I've never been a fan of canned drums, but they've actually got a nice tone. Vocals are pretty quiet and unengaging. Not bad, but not as good as I expected (considering it won the fight).
[ 1 reply ] --- andrew reist 2008-01-30 18:11
Pretty good overall, but somewhat predictable. (I just knew it was going to get uncomfortably loud just around the corner.) I think it would have been cooler to keep it on the soft side, but that's easy for me to say 'cause I'm just some jerk listening to it, not the guy who wrote it. I don't like the way the vocals sound.
[ 1 reply ] --- frankie 2008-01-31 20:16
this and radiohead singer jerk's vocal talent and you, too, could be a bazillionaire.
[ 0 replies ] --- blue 2008-02-03 05:07
i really like the backing mix for the most part. i also really like the vocal treatment. i wish the vocals didn't sit so far back in the mix, or maybe add some slight tremelo like effect to give them better panning. they seem a bit flat (compressed, not pitch) and center and i wish they breathed a bit more. cool tune man.
[ 0 replies ] --- jack 2008-02-04 23:46

good okay bad x

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