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Song Info:  'Bad Attractions' by Jon Eric    
Avg. Rating: 5.00
# of Ratings: 14
Posted: 2003-08-10 00:16:37
This is identical in structure to the Songfight song (which I feel a particular attachment to, for some reason), only I changed the levels slightly so the bass doesnt' dominate the second half. The biggest change, however, is that I redid the vocals on my new condenser mic. Go me!

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haha, and now that you've upgraded your mic, you get to deal with.. sibilance! the vox sound a little better.. i dunno about the mix, the bass is still pretty high, and this is still my least fave song of yours.
[ 1 reply ] --- blue 2003-08-10 01:34
I like this, though the singing lost some of its charm in transition in my opinion. it seems technically better now, but less interesting. I think the song sounds nice, mix wise, but my knowledge of that stuff is very limited. Anyway, absolutely one of this week's top entries as far as I'm concerned, and furthermore a song I will give a good, abiding the silly 'bad attractions' line because, well, I'm just going to pour out all the generosity of my heart into this one act of abiding.
[ 0 replies ] --- Jesse 2003-08-10 15:55
The bass is way loud. It's unwillingness to do anything that the guitar or vox isn't doing makes the song SOUND like 3/4, which kills the song for me. (A song that is in 3/4 but doesn't sound like it is way cooler.) The bass should be walking around, all the fuck around, like, way more. Cutting it down so low sounds weird, maybe after all the walking that the hypothetical bass could have done, the bass line could just get simpler for that one part (instead of mixed so low that it sounds strange). And the guitars could strum less and the drums could cut out at that point too. Kind of a overused song cliche, but it might work. Rip off the whole little "circus music" riff on keyboards, instead of just the first little part. This song needs a chorus.
[ 5 replies ] --- E r i k 2003-08-10 19:25
processing vocals is not a crime. you don't have to make it sound like Coldplay or the Shins, but this is much too dry. Other than that I agree with Erik about the bass. I would have the bass emphasizing the 4 beats that are on top of the 3-feel. The bass could do almost a counter-melody to the vocal.
[ 1 reply ] --- JBB 2003-08-10 19:34
404 - Subdirectory no longer exists.
[ 0 replies ] --- krisis 2004-04-23 15:05
Link works again.
Now try to stay on the beat. OK.
[ 0 replies ] --- Tuuur 2008-01-13 15:45
the bass wouldn't seem too loud if it sounded better.
i disagree about the vocals being too dry.
[ 0 replies ] --- Eric Y. 2008-01-22 16:45

good okay bad x

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