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Song Info:  'bad dreams' by brick pig    
Avg. Rating: 8.08
# of Ratings: 39
Posted: 2002-04-01 11:46:46
The lyrics to this one didn't come easily, and that's usually a bad sign for me. Still, I think it's kinda fun, and I like the groove. Thanks to FBF for backing vocals, producing, and for the use of his studio.

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I am led to think of "Looking Out My Back Door", by CCR, myself. Quirky and fun and such. It's got the country pep, but I never thought that pep felt quite right without a touch of tragic in the sound, too. Or maybe I'm just talking out of my ass. It gets a good rating anyhow. :) Musically, the bass EQ seems to kill the guitar sound somewhat (for me, at least).
[ 0 replies ] --- Mssr. Gareth Logan Sparks III esq. PhD 2002-04-02 14:54
FBF, there is no /brickpig on your site anymore. Is there any way I can get this so I can rate it? (Thanks for fixin' it)

Ah! I'm a sucker for a tune with swing, that isn't 'swing." This is really good, I think.
[ 0 replies ] --- Cygnus 2002-06-10 12:26

Wait'll y'all hear the new version at SFP&T--it fuckin' rocks.
[ 0 replies ] --- frankie 2002-06-10 13:06
I really enjoy the lyrics of this song. It's hard to make a song that doesn't have some kind of depressing aspect about it. You've done a good job with this. Good job.
[ 0 replies ] --- Cardboard 2003-04-10 12:56
I like it a lot. My only diss would be that the background vocals come out of nowhere. There are no other instruments besides you and the guitar, and so there's no illusion that there's a "band". I would have brought the bg vocalists in earlier in the song to establish their existence. As it is, their presence is sort of unwelcome because it's so near the end. But "good".
[ 0 replies ] --- Jim of Seattle 2003-09-22 10:47
A very well-recorded, folky, cheery, guitar/vox take. With lyrics this plainitive i don't think it would work in any larger of an arrangement.
[ 0 replies ] --- krisis 2004-02-04 15:13
this song desperately needs some normalizing. it's very, very quiet.
[ 0 replies ] --- blue 2004-02-13 17:52
great stuff. great singing especially. the main and backing vocals both are great.
[ 0 replies ] --- Eric Y. 2004-12-23 03:33
yea very cool. Good job. Jim makes an interesting point though.
[ 0 replies ] --- drunkenshakespeare 2005-09-18 15:10
Man, this is good wholesome music. Thanks.
[ 0 replies ] --- Tuuur 2008-01-12 09:52

good okay bad x

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