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Song Info:  'El Balazo (Featuring Rachael Layne)' by Glenn Case    
Avg. Rating: 7.33
# of Ratings: 15
Posted: 2006-03-29 01:14:03
Round 3 of Nur Ein requires "Opposite Sex Vocals". Rachael is singing everything on the choruses. I am singing everything on the verses. My third song playing real drums, and perhaps the most fun one to play of the three.
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Not bad, Glenn! The drums sound good. The ending felt like it lacked closure. But the song is a good length, and it's pretty catchy.
[ 0 replies ] --- Jim Tyrrell 2006-03-29 11:05
Early 90s rock licks + subject matter + prominant 4th and 5th-based vocal harmonies = Alice in Chains?
[ 1 reply ] --- Shael Riley 2006-03-31 13:29
this is very cool. i liked it from the get go. but then again i like aic.
[ 0 replies ] --- drunkenshakespeare 2006-04-05 23:13
very brief alice in chains reference here, compared to several of your other songs, so i don't understand the prevalence of comparisons here. anyway, the groove is very solid here and i can dig it.
[ 0 replies ] --- Eric Y. 2006-04-06 12:22
A good song, but I don't like the octaving vocals in the chorus... Still, [good].
[ 0 replies ] --- Tuuur 2006-04-26 05:32

good okay bad x

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