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Song Info:  'Ghost Strokes' by frankie big face    
Avg. Rating: 8.53
# of Ratings: 17
Posted: 2007-03-01 22:57:31
Still can't tell if mixes are good or not when working with computer. In headphones, sounds great. In studio monitors, sounds pretty good. Through iMac speakers--bleh. Broke out the sax for this one. Also features the most retarded ending ever.
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Good of course. Nice to hear you embracing those Bowie comparisions musically at least! Although as I listen on it sounds more like Peter Gabriel (So period). Ghost strokes = vinegar strokes? ;)
[ 1 reply ] --- johnny cashpoint 2007-03-02 06:53
[ 1 reply ] --- Yook 2007-03-03 19:38
hey, i know that drummer! this is sweet! i live the various touches/effects on the vocals. and that sax deserves you an awesome in and of itself. dude, that is some sweet sax brother!!!

great to hear a departure from your typical pop stuff into the funk realm. tthis has a very beck midnight vultures feel to it. terrific!
[ 2 replies ] --- jack 2007-03-03 20:36
staggeringly good
[ 2 replies ] --- craig 2007-03-06 09:03
The sax does deserve an awesome.
[ 1 reply ] --- Jefff 2007-03-06 13:22
shoot. I thought you had a life and then you keep recording great stuff. What gives?
[ 1 reply ] --- roymond 2007-03-14 23:17
* Sax playing is excellent
* Overall music is great, and a daring departure from anything I have heard you do to date.
* I'm not crazy about the vocals at all. Repeat listens didn't change my mind.
* The echo is a good choice, it's the actual delivery of the non-echo parts that is rubbing me the wrong way.
* I actually like the ending.
* Overall, I like it, but I don't love it.
* Album Fight 2 is just around the corner, isn't it?
[ 2 replies ] --- Glenn 2007-03-16 14:56

This is... different! But Damn Well Done and sounding GOOOOD!!!
Again, wow. A fave.
[ 1 reply ] --- Tuuur 2008-01-08 14:28
Funky white boy action. Mostly good in a "Fame" kind of way but the sax wildness kind of drags it down for me, and the main riff winds up getting a bit repetitive for me by the end.
[ 0 replies ] --- Lunkhead 2010-11-24 23:57

good okay bad x

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