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Song Info:  'i won't be there' by Add    
Avg. Rating: 8.16
# of Ratings: 57
Posted: 2002-07-16 10:57:48
opening track on bad guy

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I am happy this is on here, as it's just about my favorite add song. I am even happy that after I type this I press a button that says add. ADD! ADD! ADD!
[ 0 replies ] --- mc frontalot 2002-07-24 17:28
yeah baby...this is good stuff... I like the garbledy gook turning into fresh crisp stuff.... and nice strait up guitar and drum hook. Catchy
[ 0 replies ] --- Hoblit 2002-07-26 08:55
Who wants to listen to a pubescent whine? Not I. Not to mention the fact it was 'uuhhed' sharply, the only intolerable, intonately speaking, of course. Was there a clear and common goal for the reverse echo'd gibberish, or was it your only opportunity to borrow your stoned uncle's burnt out P-35 Space Modulator? What does under toe have to do with the line "You don't want me, and you don't care" (the only truth to this song)? I am so Fucking Thankful that you won't ever be here, that I will never download any of your songs ever again, because this was the worst listening experience I have ever had, and the world is better without your music.
[ 10 replies ] --- J 2002-08-09 04:44
I think this song would benefit from a little more push on the vocals and the loss of the echoey stuff. I like where it's trying to go, but I don't think it gets there.

Of course, our opinions on songs seem to differ just a tad.
[ 1 reply ] --- _ 2002-08-09 07:38
Lose the echoey stuff?

Sergeant, take this man away!
[ 0 replies ] --- Cygnus 2002-08-22 12:04
This song has been stuck in my head periodically since the first time I heard it on your CD. Love it.
[ 0 replies ] --- Brick Pig 2002-08-30 04:00
Two years it has taken me, but now it is all right, everything is all right, the struggle is finished. I love add music.
[ 1 reply ] --- Rafael 2003-01-27 02:49
i love everything about this song (frankie really said it well, about the backwards stuff followed by the "regular" stuff working so well) ... but my favourite thing about this song would be the opening "aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa"
[ 0 replies ] --- Eric Y. 2004-12-31 02:51
Hm. Don't see what the hullaballoo is all about. This sounds cheesy with the cheap organsetting and thin drumsounds. The backwards parts would better be put in somewhat later I think... but that's just me.

[ 0 replies ] --- Tuuur 2008-01-08 07:37
[ 0 replies ] --- drunkenshakespeare 2011-11-21 16:46

good okay bad x

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