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Song Info:  'Ignorance Is Bliss (Paco del Stinko cover)' by Lunkhead    
Avg. Rating: This song needs [ 3 ] more ratings.
# of Ratings: 2
Posted: 2015-09-04 15:46:46
Album: Random Song Fight! Covers
Track #: 1
This is a cover I made of Paco del Stinko's "Ignorance Is Bliss". It's a tribute to Paco's style.

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Did Paco help you with the vocals, or is your impression of him just THAT good? Sounds just like him. Well, the voice does. Few can hold a candle to his guitar, which is probably the only negative thing I'd have to say about this cover. Great performance and production.
--- Jon Eric 2016-02-02 07:40

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