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Song Info:  'Paper Bag (Fiona Apple Cover)' by ajryan    
Avg. Rating: 7.20
# of Ratings: 25
Posted: 2005-01-28 15:31:20
Cover of Fiona Apple's "Paper Bag" from the album When the Pawn... Our arrangement, sans chorus, added a snip of Zevon's "Similar to Rain" at the end. This is tracked from rehearsals so it plays a little long b/c that's how we perform it live.

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I enjoyed it.
[ 0 replies ] --- Sex Piano 2005-01-29 12:31
pretty decent sounding for the most part.. up until the point where my computer froze up and i didn't get to hear the second half of it. a little too long for me to go back and listen again right now, i'll check out the rest some other time probably. but i'm giving you a [good] anyway. i've never heard the original; my girlfriend claims this sounds too much like phish, but i tried to tell her it sounds absolutely nothing like phish.
[ 0 replies ] --- Eric Y. 2005-01-30 12:51
That choppy intro (repeated elsewhere too) is really cool and makes me move. This probably comes off quite well live. I'm less enthusiastic about the vocals. Overall, somewhere between [good] and okay.
[ 0 replies ] --- yaruss 2005-01-30 19:56
Excellent, really. Would be nothing without the drums, but it's [good] all around.
[ 0 replies ] --- Mssr. Gareth Logan Sparks III esq. PhD 2005-01-31 11:41
This is a good example of how one can ruin a song.
[ 0 replies ] --- Nice Geoff 2005-02-01 23:26
if i came to one of your shows (which I might do one day) and i smoked (which i don't), this is the moment when i would step outside to have a smoke. unless it was a smoking bar, in which i would step outside to make a phone call or something. or maybe i would use the bathroom or run across the street to wendy's to get a spicy chicken sandwich. yeah, probably the spicy chicken sandwich thing. then i would come back and hope the ajryan i know and love was back on stage singing something quirky and cool. i might even yell "echolocate" inbetween numbers.
[ 1 reply ] --- frankie 2005-04-18 21:05
Wow, i'm excited, cause this song features some of favorite lyrics... will it stand up to a listen...

You do an excellent job of making almost the verbatim melody work in a very different arrangement, which is very unique from the original. A few times i don't love your delivery, just cause it deflate the impact of the lyric a little ("so's everything, but she didn't get it"). I suggest that instead of replacing "void" with "girl" you use "world." I think the Zevon is a nice tag to the song - i always feel like its much too short with just the two verses, and the lyrics are a great match.

I could have done without the between-verse guitar solo - it felt like forever before we got to the second verse, and i liked the guitar stuff between the Apple and the Zevon much better. Anyhow, nice work. Headed for my ipod.
[ 0 replies ] --- krisis 2005-05-01 12:18
used to be a big fiona fan 'til she dropped out ... apparently she is back btw ... this song ... i think it's effin GOOD. the drums are marvelous ... good guitar work ... in my opinion ... i don't care what the other guys say.
[ 0 replies ] --- all4hemp 2005-05-03 15:30
huge fan of the original.
[ 0 replies ] --- drunkenshakespeare 2005-10-02 01:03
Don't know the original. I don't like this, but I can hear you put a lot of work in it, so ok.
[ 0 replies ] --- Tuuur 2008-01-25 12:13

good okay bad x

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