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Song Info:  'Please the Pig (Live in Austin 2004 - Modified)' by Glenn Case    
Avg. Rating: 8.33
# of Ratings: 18
Posted: 2005-09-29 18:20:23
Dr. Worm on drums, Hoblit on lead guitar.

Voice Inside Your Head played bass at the live show, but the bass part of the recording didn't show up, so I recorded a new bass part a while back.

So this could be classified as "Semi-live"
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Sounded like a lot of fun. Do you play in austin much? I will be back in san antonio for a few months in march-june. If you have any shows lined up let me know. Or anyone else around the site. I am giving this a good strictly on lyrics. They are childlike, but i can think of so many metaphors that i have to give it a good. including my own marriage :P
[ 2 replies ] --- drunkenshakespeare 2005-09-29 23:28
haha, I played so horribly. Did you ever record a studio version with your band? I'd still love to record this properly sometime, especially since I screwed it up so badly then. (good)
[ 2 replies ] --- john m 2005-10-02 14:04
this is fun! of course it is not overly solid but I reckon it's meant to sound like that.
I like it! [good]
[ 1 reply ] --- Tuuur 2005-10-04 08:07
Pretty great. Something a little late-90s/Jets-to-Brazil-y about it, but that's never a bad thing as long as it maintains variety, right? [good]
[ 1 reply ] --- Mssr. Gareth Logan Sparks III esq. PhD 2005-10-04 19:14
Sloppy, noisy, and [good] ;)
[ 0 replies ] --- Sv?´n M?ºll?´t 2005-10-06 02:17
this was one of the funnest songs i ever remember playing live. although i was so lost, it was probably a lucky thing my part didn't show up in the recording :D
[ 3 replies ] --- Eric Y. 2006-01-14 16:32
Fixed link. Side note: The Half Racks actually close our set with this song every time.
[ 0 replies ] --- Glenn 2006-09-18 00:15
I love this song. Lyrics link is still 404. I'm glad the mp3 link isn't. Part of me wants to hear a studio version, part of me thinks this version is just fine.
[ 0 replies ] --- Lunkhead 2007-08-13 19:32

good okay bad x

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