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Song Info:  'Punk as F**k' by Jon Eric    
Avg. Rating: 5.23
# of Ratings: 22
Posted: 2004-03-06 01:18:52
Sven and I decided to have a little sidefight, but he jumped the gun and posted way before me. Oh well.

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Well well well... what have we here? Seems teh Jon Eric wrote a nifty little ditty. This totally blows my song away for production and songwriting (and vocal performance), but then again, I just farted mine out in half an hour. [good]
[ 0 replies ] --- Sv?´n M?ºll?´t 2004-03-06 01:32
Yours may be the better song, but Sven Mullet has captured the essence of the title better.

If I had two cents to rub together... this would be them.
[ 1 reply ] --- Acidic Jew 2004-03-06 06:58
this is good. it seems you took a little more time getting your song ready for this one too. though, maybe this wasn't a song duel. [good]. i like when you ended it on f*ck
[ 0 replies ] --- fodroy 2004-03-06 08:44
once it gets some more votes i'll make it "okay" instead of "good."
[ 0 replies ] --- Marcus Kellis 2004-03-06 10:41
incidentally: http://dirtcheapmusic.org/joneric/punkas.mp3.
wow, your guitar here is even muddier than sv?´n's! the vocals are a'ight but lacking some conviction (which is not the same as reverb).
[ 0 replies ] --- Eric Y. 2004-11-24 23:34
Your voice stays a bit too nice for a song like this, try to give it more edge. Like you did on the last word. OK.
[ 0 replies ] --- Tuuur 2008-01-09 16:13

good okay bad x

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