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Song Info:  'Race to Seven' by Jon Eric    
Avg. Rating: 5.00
# of Ratings: 19
Posted: 2004-01-07 19:52:43
Slight remaster of the Songfight version. No major changes. I just want the Somesongs feedback for this because I'm very proud of it and reviews are scarce over on Songfight. Lyrics by King Arthur.

EDIT: I eventually re-recorded this for an album: http://joneric.table2.com/Songs/An%20Air%20of%20Legitimacy/Jon%20Eric%20-%2004%20-%20Race%20to%20Seven.mp3

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Midi drums... ahhh... they suck.. It's very repetative, the vocals have too much effect on them and the singer is flat quite a bit. I can't really hear the words, the vocals are a little too low.

The guiar solo is very predictable and feels a bit sloppy (ammature?)

I'm not too thrilled with this original, too many flaws. I wouldn't be very proud of it. [Bad]
[ 4 replies ] --- Pete LRT 2004-01-07 20:06
It might just be that I'm on a different computer right now, but it really sounds like you lifted the vocals. [Good]!
[ 0 replies ] --- Dave Corun 2004-01-07 23:55
good work brother.. fire your drummer though! ;) good upbeat fun.
[ 0 replies ] --- Azwel 2004-01-08 00:27
sounds like there's some real problems with the guitar recording... and there's the dreaded claps.... and the lyrics seem to be about the dreaded computers. drumming is brutally uncreative and monotonous. I find this song to be horrible... sorry
[ 1 reply ] --- Dustface 2004-01-08 00:57
The muddy drum-machine style drums were intentional. The song is an homage to King Arthur.

Other than that, I appreciate the criticism, The drums are mixed too high, probably, but that was because I did the kick and snare at the same time, and I wanted the kick to be audible.

Thanks for the feeback.
[ 0 replies ] --- Jon Eric 2004-01-09 16:21
Like the music and melody---hate the words. Why are you singing about your computer? Or anyone's computer? I can't think of a less interesting topic. I like your voice in that range and look forward to a more engaging song.
[ 2 replies ] --- frankie 2004-01-11 19:04
i can definitely see the KA influence here... but everything sounds too muddy and a bit overloady in certain spots. fairly well-done for the most part, although some of the harmony parts aren't really all that harmonious. the guitars are pretty good though.
[ 0 replies ] --- Eric Y. 2005-03-22 02:54
Music is kind of mediocre, vocals not that tight, lyrics are not so good. Low ok...
[ 0 replies ] --- Tuuur 2008-01-29 05:13

good okay bad x

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