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Song Info:  'The Importance of Good Leadership' by Future Boy    
Avg. Rating: 8.08
# of Ratings: 26
Posted: 2005-09-14 19:56:17
The smash hit single from my new album A Maze of Death

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I dig it. I always dig Future Boy. [good]
[ 0 replies ] --- Lee! 2005-09-15 10:49
there are so many great synth parts in that song, and the reverby ohhh thing is great. [good] [good] [good].
[ 0 replies ] --- craig 2005-09-15 16:23
this song is very cool. i look forward to listening to the whole album - which i will probably do tomorrow after when i am bored.
[ 0 replies ] --- fodroy 2005-09-16 14:54
Great song from a great album. [Good]
[ 0 replies ] --- puce 2005-09-19 11:30
you are the king of synth.
[ 0 replies ] --- all4hemp 2005-09-20 12:41
lots of good things going on, floating around, and helping each other
[ 0 replies ] --- Dustface 2005-12-24 20:48
nice production..... I think i like you future boy!
[ 0 replies ] --- Milk + 2006-03-08 17:41
i love the constant ticking of the synth-cymbals. and the mellow vibe of the vocals. electro-soft rock. i also like that it sounds absolutely completely in no way whatsoever like the flaming lips.
[ 0 replies ] --- Eric Y. 2006-04-10 01:39
I don't remember the day when you suddenly becamse such a master of melody and harmonic progression, but it assuredly happened and this is proof positive. Damn, man.
[ 0 replies ] --- frankie 2006-11-12 15:29
Hm. Though production is good, and the rendition as well, I don't like the song. Lyrics like "that's why we have to act fast" when sung in such a disinterest way, plus ultrabland music and muzak-like keyboards make this song not e joy to listen to for me.
Oh, and there are octave parallels in the "with our leader out in front" part, which I hate.
ok for production value.
[ 0 replies ] --- Tuuur 2008-01-12 05:36

good okay bad x

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