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Song Info:  'Time Ran Out' by Add    
Avg. Rating: 9.13
# of Ratings: 23
Posted: 2007-02-01 16:28:13
Guest vox by JB as usual.

1-10 of 10
My wife said "That's fun. That's really fun." And I concur. I don't know if we're voting on each other's songs or not, but I vote this [good]. Love the high energy and silly guest vox. Again, my wife: "I like it. It's surf music meets the violent femmes."

EDIT (1/16/08): Why did we stop this project? All we needed was to listen to this song again and imagine the possibilities. Awesome guitar tracks and mix, dude. Really great.
[ 0 replies ] --- frankie 2007-02-01 20:51
Well, this is a love-fest all around. I really really like this. It makes me happy when skies are gray.
[ 0 replies ] --- shane from RxW 2007-02-01 21:59
I loooove the bass in this. And it was fun to do the stuff that kind of sounds like bees. And the ba-bas. It's all about the ba-bas. And it definitely has that "I'm freaking out-- over you" Femmes vibe.
[ 0 replies ] --- JBB 2007-02-02 09:46
Really? I thought the ba-bas were totally annoying and the verses are a bit repetitive...the synthetic drum kit...well, um...The whole song really has a very repetitive feel to it, I think the bass lingers on one note too long.
Reminds of a Strokes tune in the chorus. Not the best drum beat selection there but a great vocal line in the chorus. I like the vocal stuff that sounds like bees. [good]
[ 0 replies ] --- Boltoph 2007-02-02 12:17
[ 0 replies ] --- Yook 2007-02-04 20:50
this may be a fun song. but the production/arrangement is excellente!
[ 1 reply ] --- all4hemp 2007-02-07 12:54
yes, thats sounds a bit like viole. fem. and your lucky i like viol. femm. or else i might be tempted to vote this down just because.
dam violent femmes.
[ 0 replies ] --- drunkenshakespeare 2007-03-01 22:39
Interesting that the vocal is all cool and controlled in the verses and then you turn on the Femmes/Add nose-filter. Maybe stays in a single register a little too often (echoing Boltoph's bass comment) - I think you waited too long to recall the intro vocal wackiness in the rest of the song. Still, I like it plenty.
[ 0 replies ] --- krisis 2007-07-10 08:02
Starts out like some Eagles of Death Metal tune. Good, of course.
[ 0 replies ] --- Tuuur 2008-01-08 07:06
I'm not crazy about the zany scat stuff in the first few seconds, but everything else about this is quite [good]. Especially those ba-ba-bahs. Vocal is quintessential ADD. Wonderful.
[ 0 replies ] --- Jon Eric 2008-01-17 18:47

good okay bad x

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