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Song Info:  'to dust' by @suspiciousden    
Avg. Rating: This song needs [ 2 ] more ratings.
# of Ratings: 3
Posted: 2014-07-19 13:43:44
Bandcamp Page
written for Spintunes 8, Rd2 - a little last minute shadow entry about extreme hatred

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Hi DJRD! I fixed your song. If you want to post something from BandCamp, try clicking the BandCamp icon under the "Import From..." section of the "Post Song" page. Then paste in the BandCamp URL in the popup dialog. That will make it so the correct URL to the mp3 on bandcamp.com will wind up in your song here.

Anyway, I liked the song! It might be nice if your voice had a similar type and quantity of ambience on it as the piano, to get them to sound more like they're in the same space.
[ 0 replies ] --- Lunkhead 2014-07-30 18:49
I haven't been on somesongs in ages and then I come back just to see what's happening and this is the first thing I hear. So I stayed and listened to your song a couple of times and then downloaded it. It's really fantastic. You have a very unique sound and I will look for more!
[ 0 replies ] --- Jack Of No Trade 2014-08-27 22:05
This is really good. The piano is excellent and builds a mood, and I love the pacing.

Your vocals are a little strange. They sound like they were recorded on a cheaper microphone than usual, or maybe they have an effect on them that "cheapens" the mix or something. I would recommend another pass at them, but otherwise I enjoyed this a lot!
[ 0 replies ] --- Jon Eric 2015-06-10 11:00

good okay bad x

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