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Song Info:  'Unnatural Disaster (Edit)' by frankie big face    
Avg. Rating: 9.00
# of Ratings: 10
Posted: 2008-05-19 23:50:15
This is an edited version of my Nur Ein entry. I removed the "meta-joke" (as JB proclaimed it) form the middle of the piece and made it a straight-up punk song. For the original version, go here: http://www.frankiebigface.com/music/unnatural_disaster.mp3 . Lyrics in "more notes."
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I like the crampsesque feel in this song. The effect on the vocal helps to convey that mood, but I'd like to hear the vocals a little more up front.. [good]
[ 1 reply ] --- drew styles 2008-05-22 13:30
Good straight-ahead punk song, as you say. would have liked a little lead behind the chorus - because it's a real hook you've got there and I feel like you're underselling it a tad. Disagree with DS vocals as they are (but with a little less echo/verb/whatvever) because actually the lyric (not 'lyrics', remember?) is ... well, a little dumb! Also it's pronounced bolon-ya, surely? Or is that another trans-atlantic thing?[good]

[ 1 reply ] --- johnny cashpoint 2008-05-23 11:55
Good. I like the vocals as-is - a little buried, and drenched in reverb, definitely old-school and fitting with the mood.
[ 1 reply ] --- astrolamb 2008-05-27 12:17
Heh, those lyrics made me chuckle, when I read them. I'd go easy on those vocal fx, 'caue they make the words barely understandable.
Kudos for that solo, well done!
[ 1 reply ] --- Tuuur 2008-06-06 16:39

good okay bad x

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