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Song Info:  'Violet Wants it Her Way (ft. Glenn Case & Sven Mullet)' by Jon Eric    
Avg. Rating: 6.96
# of Ratings: 28
Posted: 2003-11-10 21:00:51
Thanks to Glenn and Sven!

As far as the song goes, I've known since I first heard the chorus in my head walking through the school halls last week that this hjas serious potential to be my best song ever. So I pulled all the stops to make it sound as good as I could. This is one better, as Glenn's vocals make it come closer than anything yet to what I heard in my mind's ear that day.

Special thanks to Sv?´n for his awesome guitar work.

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Full review of this song in the Violet review thread. Nice job. (good)
[ 0 replies ] --- john m 2003-11-11 17:14
this is okay but who's singing the verses? you suck
[ 11 replies ] --- yousuck 2003-11-11 21:09
I remember a time when this site used to be about the music, man. The music. Whatever happened to that?
[ 0 replies ] --- Jon Eric 2003-11-11 22:20
very good , 60s-ish ...good stuff.. th quality is a bit weird.. like very compressed or whatnot. helps add to the retroish vibe nontheless.. neato
[ 0 replies ] --- Azwel 2003-11-12 11:14
This is good stuff, Jon. Playing band leader may bring out your inner...good stuff. Very catchy indeed.
[ 0 replies ] --- roymond 2003-11-12 23:51
Man that chorus is good.
[ 0 replies ] --- Rafael 2003-11-12 23:52
Link is broken (no mp3 with that title in the directory); listened to SF version instead.
[ 0 replies ] --- krisis 2004-04-14 14:13
[ 0 replies ] --- frankie 2004-08-18 17:53
Link works again.
Verse vocals are faltering and off key sometimes. Chorus is typical Glenn greatness. There's some weird left-right pingponging going on.
Gotta rate this good; to me this is the archetypical Violet.
[ 2 replies ] --- Tuuur 2008-01-12 08:07
second-ever "good" rating. i think it was glenn that pushed it there. ending is nice too, though.
[ 0 replies ] --- Eric Y. 2008-01-22 16:54

good okay bad x

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