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Song Info:  'Who Killed John Lennon? (Ellis Paul Cover)' by Glenn Case    
Avg. Rating: 7.50
# of Ratings: 14
Posted: 2005-12-08 22:19:22
John Lennon was killed 25 years ago today. This is my cover of a fantastic song on the subject. The lyrics can be found here.

I also asked other people to post their Lennon covers in a Songfight thread today. I think there were some great submissions.

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I listened through your songs yesterday, and boy has your recording skill improved. I like the acoustic guitar sound, and the edge over your voice is perfect. [good]

I have recorded Working Class Hero once, but I saw there were already two versions in the thread, and my version doesn't add much. Well, too much chorus maybe.
[ 0 replies ] --- Tuuur 2005-12-09 05:00
That was good. I like the way the guitar was left and right and sort of behind me. Voice was good too. Lyrics a little repetitive, but that's not your fault.Good
[ 0 replies ] --- orange mouth man (OMM) 2005-12-09 13:03
I don't like the song at all. Not your fault glenn, i actually like the music especially that electric geetar. The song itself i just don't like.
[ 2 replies ] --- drunkenshakespeare 2005-12-09 14:45
I don't know the original, but man, the lyrics are great. Song is pretty decent, I think. Nice recording/performance.
[ 0 replies ] --- frankie 2005-12-09 16:17
good energy. too bad it's a cover. :P
[ 1 reply ] --- blue 2005-12-09 18:41
Mark Chapman.
[ 2 replies ] --- johnny cashpoint 2005-12-09 20:50
Amazing, really. [good]
[ 0 replies ] --- Mssr. Gareth Logan Sparks III esq. PhD 2005-12-12 13:44
never heard this song before but i think i really like it. and it has a great (and true) message. loads better than that cranberries song on the subject. as i said, haven't heard this song, so i don't know how this recording compares, but it's really good.
[ 0 replies ] --- Eric Y. 2006-03-24 02:08

good okay bad x

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