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site back

does this site still function...
Posted: 2012-02-22 22:09:59      Edited: 2012-02-22 22:09:59

Yes, more or less. I've mostly been focusing on reusing this code for a site for rating the songs of Jonathan Mann. Because I put the code to use for that I wound up adding some features, like integration with Facebook and Twitter for signing up/in, and integration with Bandcamp for pulling in song info. Any changes I make for rate.jonathanmann.net I also deploy here. Unfortunately there were some bugs that had made some things not work, but I fixed a bunch of stuff this past weekend. I still check in on this site every once in a while to see if any stragglers have come by and posted, like you. I hadn't thought to check the message boards in a couple months though. Oops!

Anyway, I wish I knew how to resuscitate this site. I have tried to get the current Song Fight! folks involved, but the current group of active Song Fight! people have little interest for anything other than Song Fight! and the SF! boards. The old guard that used to be the lifeblood of SomeSongs have mostly moved on from making random Internet music in general, as far as I know. So, this is a site without an audience at this point.
Posted: 2012-04-10 14:15:23      Edited: 2012-04-10 14:15:23

In case you ever come back, it looks like all the links for your songs are all broken. I liked your music. If you feel like updating the links that'd be awesome.
Posted: 2012-04-10 14:18:08      Edited: 2012-04-10 14:18:08

site back

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